Cutting Edge

Technology and innovation are at the root of our science-led approach to new product development.

Our reach and resources are genuinely pan-European. With 300 breeders and technicians working across 17 research stations across Europe, we can fine-tune our varieties to suit a huge range of climates, soils and environments.

Controlled environment testing takes place at one of four laboratories specialising in biotechnology, pathology and biometrics and we have partnerships with a number of genomic research organisations.

We further develop new varieties at 63 trial locations and undertake extensive testing at more than 28,000 experimental plots across the continent.

Applying the latest thinking in genome selection and marker-assisted breeding, RAGT scientists follow a rigorous three-stage process to bring new products to market:
• Develop a new variety
• Cross the seed with other seeds to breed out weaknesses
• Test the real world performance of the seed

For example, in the competitive cereals market, as well as testing the performance of the plant under cultivation, RAGT scientists will also test the millability of the seeds in a flour mill and the quality of the dough in an experimental bakery.

So it’s not by chance that we are Europe’s Number One cereal breeder, supplying seed worldwide – grow to expect the best.