Integrity is at the root of everything we do.

With deep foundations in the heart of the farming community, RAGT understands the importance of building long-term relationships with customers.

We work closely with our distributors, advisors and trialling organisations to trial, field-test, breed and select the most suitable crop varieties for profitable production in the UK.

A rigorous scientific approach underpins everything we do in the competitive field of crop breeding and research.

RAGT has developed a trials evaluation system called SEV® (Système d’Evaluation Variétale) which collates data from small and large plot trials carried out by RAGT and its distributors, advisors and trialling organisations.

Each year gigabytes of data from hundreds of trials are input into the SEV® database which enables breeders to assess and select lines. The results of the analysis are shared with our customers, allowing them to select the most appropriate varieties for their specific climate and soils.

With more than 300 scientists and technicians working across Europe, RAGT has built up a huge body of arable expertise gained in a wide variety of growing environments across the continent.

And when customers are keen to test new varieties in the continuous quest for yield, consistency and quality, we will advise them not only on the strengths of these products – but also on any potential vulnerabilities under their specific growing conditions.

And in the unlikely event that a RAGT local representative doesn’t have the answer to a customer’s technical questions, they can call on the combined knowledge of one of Europe’s leading crop research organisations to find a solution – grow to expect the best.